Here at AliensNation, the answer is yes, we believe that aliens exist, we believe that there is life in other planets. We are not the only species in the universe. But certain people can be more skeptical, they will tell you you are just a member of a conspiracy. They will even make fun of you if you tell them you judge the idea of extraterrestrial existence conceivable.

But why do we believe aliens exist? What makes us think that we are not alone in the universe?.

1-Unexplained constructions probably made by Aliens:

Here on earth, several old constructions seem to defy our modern technology. Contemporary highly skilled architects and construction workers, admit that they are not able to even copy and make similar structures with our modern engineering. We are just not even advanced enough to reach those levels of perfection.

A number of those unexplained sites are:
-Nasca lines nearby Lima In Peru. There are more than 700 straight tracks can be observed in the middle of the desert. Those lines are only apparent from the sky, if you walk nearby you can’t figure out what those lines are. But they represent really singular geometric figures and even animals. Researchers suppose that those lines are here for thousands of years, no one can explain who did that job but a thing is sure, you need to fly to make them, and there is no evidence that mankind at this period was able to do so. Extraterrestrial intelligence could create them, no one can prove aliens didn’t do those drawings on the desert.

-Egyptian pyramids in Giza. It is said that they are about 5000 years old but recent researches claim that they may be really older than that. Scientists said they are tombs but they could be something totally different. The mystery still remains and all speculations are still acceptable. Nothing is sure and proven. I like the one that this is a tool to communicate with other galaxies. We maybe just forgot how to use those instruments. Their astronomical arrangement aligns with specific stars and their geometric shapes still wonder scientists who study the pyramids. Did Aliens construct them? No real evidence, but a thing is sure, it would be a real challenge today to raise such pyramids with accurate details, those galleries, and solar system alignments.

Pyramids of Gizeh Aliens

-Easter Island statues in southeast Pacific. Those huge head-shaped statues called moai are also a big mystery. This island is far away from any civilization and there is nothing else that remains on this island except those heavy big heads statues. Experts state that they are more than a thousand years old. Who made them? Alien civilization? Humans? It seems that humans couldn’t do that at that time so…

-There are some other unexplained mysteries such as Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu in Peru, Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico, and more.

2-Testimonials of Alien abductions

There is a huge amount of people who claim to have been in contact with space aliens, the witness of paranormal activities or just saw a UFO or a spacecraft. All over the world but also on the web, you can find those stories, on youtube, Wikipedia… But there are many stories that are far elder than the internet itself.
Some of those reports may seem hard to believe, but others are really accurate and it is hard not to trust them.
Here are some places on our planet where it is more likely to encounter extraterrestrial entities or ideal to UFO sightings

People don’t speak about those kidnapping for several reasons: They may be treated as liars and mocked at, they also are accused of just wanting to appear on tv or media, another reason why they don’t talk about it is maybe they don’t remember it.
For unknown reasons people have flashbacks of the abduction but can’t recall the whole thing, maybe some advanced technology is able to erase some part of our memory?
One example of a reliable testimonial is the story of Betty and Barney Hill.
Other kinds of testimonials are found in Roswell, area 51art, paintings, old cave drawings, Sanskrit scrolls, Egyptian symbols, in the bible,… etc
You can believe or not but so many people and so much evidence, some dating back thousands of years, can not all be lies.

Aliens evidences in Hieroglyphe


3-Astronomy and SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

A thing is sure, our planet is not the only one in the universe. We just little know about the Milky-way so what about other planetary systems? And with half a trillion stars in the galaxy, the chances that an Earth-like planet with a habitable zone exist are quite big. Let’s see what we will discover with the new study of Mars. Maybe real evidence of alien life or trace of an old extraterrestrial civilization?
Many studies over the past decade show that half of all those stars, light-years away, may harbor planets, and some can have developed intelligent life. Why life would have appeared only on our solar system?
“Life can adapt to really tough conditions and, of course, most of the universe is going to be filled with habitats that are tough “Seth Shostak, a well-known astronomer from SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) says.
Seti Institute has high technology Space telescopes that observe the cosmos, looking for other habitable planets. But the institute also has radio telescopes and they sometimes detect some strange signals. One of the most famous ones is the one dated August 15th, 1977, with a combination of numbers and letters, which remains unexplained. The astronomer even wrote WOW on the print.

August 15th, 1977 SETI signal, Aliens evidence

A serious astronaut, Dr. Helen Sharman who traveled to the international station Mir said once “Aliens exist there are no two ways about it, there must be all sorts of different forms of life”.

Stephen Hawking in 2010 quoted “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet”

For all the reasons above and for other personals reasons, we, at AliensNatione assume that there is life beyond earth. This can not only be science-fiction. Those pieces of evidence are just a sample of all the evidence available on our planet, which proves that there is life elsewhere. It is estimated than maybe half of the US population believes in extraterrestrial life. So many people can’t be wrong.